CaixaBank gives business customers their own 'Wall'

Source: CaixaBank

CaixaBank has launched a new model for its relations with business banking customers, inspired by social networks and based on web 2.0 technology, thus seeking to consolidate its growth in the business segment.

The main new feature is the business "Wall", a unique service in the Spanish business banking segment. This works in a similar fashion to the Facebook "wall", providing a fully secure channel for communications between businesses and CaixaBank consultants. The "Wall" is available to customers of CaixaBank business centres via Línea Aberta, the bank's online banking channel.

The "Wall" also supports video-calls, allowing for even greater interaction.

Thus, the "Wall" will help the bank's consultants to provide better services to business customers, while acting a secure and efficient channel for operational issues.

A fully secure "Wall", customised to businesses needs

Unlike the "walls" used in social networks, this new service from CaixaEmpresa includes two new technological features to cater to the needs of business customers.

First, each company will have its own "Wall", but multiple users from each company may be authorised to use the same, meaning more than one employee can interact with the bank. Secondly, by using the Línea Abierta online channel, all communications and documents shared via the "Wall" are kept fully confidential. Only the business customer and banking consultant will be able to view them.

Secure document delivery: innovation to drive efficiency

The "Wall" supports communications between customers and their consultants, but also optimizes operations. The technology allows documents to be securely shared and signed remotely, thus automating document search and filing tasks. This makes for more efficient day-to-day operations for businesses and bank agents, while also providing tighter security guarantees.

CaixaBank has a track record of driving up efficiency via technological innovation. In late 2012 the bank launched its "wall" concept for private banking and personal banking customers.

Market share growth targets

The new CaixaEmpresa interaction model is the most recent service innovation in a segment where CaixaBank seeking to expand its market share. The 2011-2014 Strategic Plan targets a 2014 market share of 28.5%. The bank is currently growing in business banking products, such as factoring and reverse factoring (market share of 17.4%) and foreign trade (where the bank has a 22.9% market share).

CaixaEmpresa's value proposition is founded on close customer support. As well as the most advanced multi-channel banking service in the industry, CaixaEmpresa operates a network of branches that specialise in business banking, staffed by experts capable of providing financial solutions that are customised to each business' requirements and offering innovative products and services.

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