Xenomorph and i2c Logic launch customer engagement platform

Source: Xenomorph

Xenomorph, the analytics and data management solution provider to global financial markets, and i2i Logic, the provider of dynamic customer insight and analytics to the institutional and commercial banking sector, today announced the launch of i2i Logic's customer engagement platform.

Utilizing TimeScape's analytics and data management capabilities, the i2i Logic platform delivers a solution that provides the institutional and commercial banking sector with statistical, fiscal and operating profiles of their customers and industries. The platform delivers an interactive predictive scenario analysis for the customer to provide immediate insight and creates a more relevant engagement between the bank and its customers. This tool can be delivered via any mobile device across the globe.

Designed as a multiple data source and data type offering, the i2i Logic platform leverages Xenomorph's recently announced data integration with S&P Capital IQ and Xenomorph's earlier port of TimeScape to run in the Window's Azure cloud, enabling delivery of high quality data and analytics to the banking industry. Due to TimeScape's inherent extensibility, the platform can be extended to support bank and customer-specific analytics, and can integrate with a bank's existing systems and customer data.

"This completely replaces the pitch book method of client interaction and drives the cost and time to pitch through the floor. It not only creates a deeper engagement with customers, it enables the banker to deliver the right solution for customers' circumstances, which is vital for the success of the institutional and commercial banking sector," commented Tim Maddock, Co-founder and Executive Director, i2i Logic. "When considering how best to meet our data management needs, it was clear that Xenomorph's TimeScape had the right balance regarding ease of manipulation, ready-to-run data connectivity across all types of data and the extensibility to incorporate each bank's proprietary analytics and knowledge."

"We are delighted that TimeScape was selected to form the analytics and data management foundation for the i2i Logic customer engagement platform," added Brian Sentance, Chief Executive Officer, Xenomorph. "It is exciting to see TimeScape being leveraged outside of our traditional financial markets segment and provide our team the opportunity to assist innovative companies, like i2i Logic, to help their banking clients to deepen customer engagement through analytics and visualisation." 

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