Townsend Analytics adds Nasdaq's TotalView data to RealTick trading platform

Source: Townsend Analytics

The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc. (Nasdaq: NDAQ) and Townsend Analytics announced today that Townsend Analytics is upgrading its RealTick(R) trading platform to include NASDAQ's premier market data product, TotalView(R).

The most complete source of NASDAQ(R) order-book data available, TotalView provides maximum market transparency by showing the complete depth of market at all price levels, including:
  • The aggregated size of all quotes and orders available for execution for every price level in the NASDAQ Market Center for each NASDAQ National Market(R) and SmallCap stock
  • Multiple attributed quotes for each NASDAQ market participant
  • Full non-attributed depth-of-book in all NASDAQ-listed securities, including Brut liquidity
  • Net order imbalance information for NASDAQ Opening and Closing Cross-eligible securities

    TotalView is also the fastest source of NASDAQ order book information available. NASDAQ has made technology investments to reduce TotalView's latency by more than 75 percent, to an average of less than 50 milliseconds.

    By seeing better, faster NASDAQ market data, TotalView traders can identify new trading opportunities, improve their trading performance and understand how market makers are strategically working big institutional orders. Additional content like the Net Order Imbalance Indicator helps traders anticipate price movements around the open and the close by getting an indication of the market-on-close and limit-on-close orders in the market. In conjunction with TotalView quote information, traders can better gauge buy and sell pressure over the last ten minutes of NASDAQ trading, determine how to exit their day positions and take advantage of new trading opportunities that others don't even know exist.

    "As a premier market data and direct-access trading platform, RealTick caters to customers who demand the best information available and want every possible advantage in the market," states Mike Felix, Director of Marketing for Townsend Analytics and RealTick. "With 1000% more liquidity than Level II, increased delivery speed and the integration of Brut, an upgrade to TotalView was needed to keep our customers at the forefront of trading technology," Felix adds.

    "Migration to TotalView data confirms RealTick's position as a market leader in trading technology, giving customers the information advantage they need to succeed," states William O'Brien, Senior Vice President of NASDAQ Market Data Distribution. "Townsend Analytics has collaborated with NASDAQ to make sure its customers have the best information available," he adds.

    RealTick delivers a wide range of North American and European market data and trading capability across equity, futures, options, fixed income, and foreign exchange markets, unlimited depth of book, advanced research and analytical tools, risk and account management tools, as well as direct trading connectivity to major pools of liquidity such as listed exchanges in the U.S. and overseas, ECNs and broker specific destinations.

    One of the world's first direct-access trading platforms, Townsend Analytics' RealTick is widely used by institutional and active traders in 94 countries and territories. Euromoney magazine's first annual Financial Technology Users' Survey recently ranked RealTick highly in several categories, including Overall Cross-Category, Market Data Provider, FX & Derivatives, and Cash Positioning. Townsend Analytics garnered the highest combined score for Overall Cross-Category and Market Data Provider.
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