Kindling to utilise Nasdaq OMX FinQloud

Source: Nasdaq OMX

Kindling, a cloud-based platform that powers innovation programs by utilizing social and collaboration technology, announced today that the company will use NASDAQ OMX FinQloud, a cloud computing platform designed exclusively for the financial services sector and powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The FinQloud platform allows Kindling to process and store data for some of the largest financial institutions around the world. Kindling's utilization of the highly scalable FinQloud platform will build on their current Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. By operating within FinQloud, Kindling's financial services customers will be able to engage and collaborate on transformational ideas, organize customized workflows that drive sustained innovation, prioritize initiatives and allocation of resources, and utilize analytics for reporting.

"The financial services industry is undergoing a tremendous amount of change. The need for innovation isn't a nice-to-have, it's a must, and it requires an organization-wide commitment," said Steve Finnern, Chief Revenue Officer of Kindling. "We believe our partnership with FinQloud will address many top-of-mind challenges for our financial services customers, including uncovering new ways of differentiation, helping to gain market traction, and finding new efficiencies; all the while continuing to protect sensitive customer and employee information."

By leveraging FinQloud, Kindling is able to scale to meet the demands of large financial services companies, and deliver enhanced features and business partnerships within the FinQloud ecosystem. As a service operated within FinQloud, Kindling will be able to provide the R3 solution to financial services firms to meet increased regulatory requirements.

"FinQloud provides Kindling with the cloud-based technology necessary to host discussions which generate ideas, solve problems and identify opportunities within the financial services community," said Julia Sears, Associate Vice President of FinQloud at NASDAQ OMX. "We are pleased to welcome Kindling and look forward to supporting their efforts to foster innovation within FinQloud."

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