UL achieves EMVCo qualification for Collis test suites

Source: UL Transaction Security

UL is pleased to announce that EMVCo has qualified the latest versions of the Collis CPA/CCD Level 2 Test Suites which are used to test card products.

The Collis CPA/CCD Level 2 Test Suites are part of the EMVCo test suite portfolio and test whether a card works according to EMVCo standards for CPA (Common Payment Application) and CCD (Common Core Definitions).

The benefit of these test suites is that tests can be performed during the development process of a card so that any errors that may come up during certification are discovered during development. Test suite specifications:

• The Collis CPA Level 2 Test Suite (version 1.0.i) is designed to test EMV application behavior on CPA cards. The Test Suite tests functions such as profile selection, Visa Low Value Payment (VLP), Authorization Token and more.

• The Collis CCD Level 2 Test Suite (version 4.3.b) is aimed at testing the minimum functionality required on a card to run an EMV transaction.

Maxim Dyachenko, Manager Service Line Test Tools at UL Transaction Security, said: "UL is pleased with the qualification of the CPA/CCD Test Suites by EMVCo and is happy to see the test suites on EMVCo's list of qualified test tools. By using the Collis CPA/CCD Level 2 Test Suites during development, it is easy to find possible errors, interoperability is enhanced and time‐to-market is visibly shortened." For testing a CCD or CPA card, the Collis CPA/CCD Level 2 Test Suites act like a terminal. The Test Suites send commands to, and analyze the responses from, the CPA or CCD card.

The test scripts include all information necessary for the test cases. In this way all types of interaction between card and terminal, and the behavior of the card, can be verified.

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