Ullink supports Fix 5.0 for SEF connectivity

Source: Ullink

Ullink, a global provider of market leading low-latency connectivity and trading solutions for the financial community, today announced that its UL BRIDGE connectivity platform is now compliant with FIX 5.0, the best practice communication protocol for SEFs.

Therefore, Ullink is now ready to fully support the new SEF trading landscape. Ullink’s commitment to understanding the new landscape and its long-term partnership with the Financial Information Exchange (FIX) Protocol has provided Ullink with the knowledge and resources to expand UL BRIDGE’s capabilities to support all FIX message types and custom FIX extensions for versions 4.0 through 5.0.

FIX 5.0 has been chosen by the Global Fixed Income Committee for Trading between SEFs and banks in Credit Default Swaps (CDS) and Interest Rate Swaps (IRS). The FIX protocol is used by mutual funds, investment banks, exchanges and firms to transfer financial information in a transparent, cost-efficient and timely manner.

In addition to supporting all versions of FIX, Ullink’s new connectivity plug-ins for the SEFs also support the workflows for API Espeed, OMnet and Xstream based Application Programming Interface (API).

The new regulations surrounding the Over The Counter (OTC) derivatives market are expected to create a stronger and sounder environment, therefore leading to an increase in the number of participants in the OTC Swap market.

 “We have worked closely with FIX Protocol since the inception of Ullink in 2001,” said Laurent Useldinger, CEO of Ullink. “UL BRIDGE has always supported this industry language standard and we are pleased to provide the next generation of FIX to our clients, to improve their trading performance in the OTC Swap markets.”

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