Corvil launches operational performance monitoring platform

Source: Corvil

Corvil, a provider of Operational Performance Monitoring (OPM) for the world's leading enterprise businesses, today announced general availability of a new range of solutions aimed at monitoring the performance and health of mission critical enterprise applications and services.

The new CorvilNet release introduces real-time operational performance monitoring for unified communications (voice over IP and video), database systems and web-delivered applications. The new offering also adds auto-detection and configuration for application protocols, enhanced matrix switch support, richer business alerting, and enhanced GUI reporting capabilities

"Research by Enterprise Management Associates™ has documented a steady shift in IT best practices towards converged, application-centric IT Operations. Those making the change have found it necessary to re-assess their choices in management tools and technologies to identify and deploy products that can supply actionable operational intelligence in real-time. The Corvil solution has been built specifically for such purposes, leveraging the highly valuable network perspective to provide rich, real-time visibility into application transactions and performance," said Jim Frey, VP Research, at Enterprise Management Associates.

As IT infrastructure increases in speed and complexity, there is a growing requirement for real-time monitoring solutions that can bring clarity and transparency to the management of that infrastructure. Used extensively by the global financial markets community for the last five years, CorvilNet is now being used to monitor other business critical infrastructures across the Enterprise.

Unique to the Corvil solutions is the Business Value Dashboard (BVD) approach to reporting the performance, health and activity relating to these mission critical enterprise applications and services. Gartner recently defined the concept of the Business Value Dashboard (BVD) as a dashboard that uses a subjective and metrics-driven approach to demonstrate the direct impact of I&O (Infrastructure and Operations) as it relates to business performance and objectives.

"We worked with our customers and partners in defining this release, and are encouraged by its rits rapid adoption," said Corvil VP of Product Management, Donal O'Sullivan. "IT performance monitoring underpins the successful execution of business operations. This release represents a major advance in bringing integrated business intelligence and IT performance into closer alignment."

Over 40 customers globally have deployed early versions of the new solution reflecting a growing demand for solutions like CorvilNet that provide a vertically integrated view of the user experience, the application, and the network on one screen at enterprise scale. In a recent independent survey of CorvilNet users, conducted by TechValidate, 100% of respondents said they would recommend CorvilNet OPM to a friend or colleague. When asked about the improvement in time to resolve issues, 35% of organisations improved their mean time to resolution for business critical issues by 70% or more (Source: TechValidate. TVID: C2B-F7D-375), and 71% improved by 50% or more (Source: TechValidate. TVID: 204-55E-951).

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