Atlas Risk Advisory joins Reval STP community

Source: Reval

From the Association for Financial Professionals' annual conference today, Reval, a leading global provider of comprehensive and integrated Software-as-a-Service solutions for Treasury and Risk Management (TRM), announced today that Atlas Risk Advisory is now part of its STP Community of software and service providers.

The joint offering will enhance the user experience for companies wanting an accurate approach to FX Exposure Management in an end-to-end TRM workflow.  Reval and Atlas will be at the conference in Las Vegas today through October 30, at Reval booth #525.

Reval and Atlas clients will be able to identify, extract and aggregate only the relevant data from their ERP systems and generate accurate forecasted FX exposures. Within a powerful straight-through processing workflow, companies will then be able to make informed hedging decisions, execute and settle their trades. Post-trade, they will be able to perform advanced analytics to analyze their hedge results, quantify any variances and comply with hedge accounting requirements -  all through one SaaS TRM platform.

"Identifying and extracting data is just the beginning," explains Scott Bilter, Atlas Partner. "What companies need is an end-to-end workflow that also incorporates advanced analytics to help net and manipulate their FX exposure data. Our partnership with Reval brings the most innovative workflow for FX Exposure management to treasurers in the market."

"Atlas offers clients a unique FX risk management methodology, incorporating income statement data with balance sheet data for an accurate, forward-looking picture of FX exposures. This is a more reliable approach than what is sometimes done today, which is to take daily snapshots of balance sheet statements as a proxy for the future," explains James Gilbert, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Reval. "We are thrilled to have the power of Atlas as part of Reval's straight-through processing experience for end-to-end treasury and risk management." Reval's STP Community of software and service partners provides out-of-the-box integration and service to many of the most widely-used treasury and accounting applications, such as trade execution and money market fund portals.

Reval and Atlas will begin integration on Reval's new version 13.1 SaaS TRM platform, released today. For more information on the combined Reval and Atlas functionality, please contact

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