Perseus Telecom launches PrecisionView monitoring application

Source: Perseus Telecom

Perseus Telecom, a leading provider of ultra low-latency, high-capacity global networks has launched an industry first, with PrecisionView™, a state-of-the-art, ultra-low latency, real-time monitoring application for critical trading and exchange connectivity.

PrecisionView, built in partnership with ITRS Group Ltd, a leading global provider of performance monitoring and management technology, provides Perseus customers with a real-time, granular view of network and throughput performance, down to sub-microsecond levels. This offering makes available the highest levels of transparent reporting, giving financial institutions the ability to track market data and order execution messages from market to market with high precision.

Previously, many customers had to rely on their own tools and hardware when monitoring commercial network performance. PrecisionView™ is a first as-a-service offering by a carrier that allows customers to view their WAN (Wide Area Network) latency, as guaranteed by the Perseus SLAs.

Dr. Jock Percy, CEO of Perseus Telecom, says: “The innovation and roll-out of PrecisionView, developed with ITRS software, allows customers to have complete trust in services we provide. Perseus is sharing what many providers do not – true end-to-end performance metrics. This service enhancement can potentially change the way firms configure their strategies between markets while decreasing risk and enhancing the accuracy of trade execution.”

Perseus primarily serves global financial market customers where reliability of deterministic latency across applications, infrastructure and enterprises is crucially important in managing efficient trading strategies. By having a real-time monitoring tool running over the Perseus network, customers can build better performing infrastructures which meet the requirement of lowering the risk of poor network performance.

Kevin Covington, CEO of ITRS Group, comments: “Perseus used ITRS Geneos to build real-time performance views which allow their customers to gain far greater levels of business insight into the markets, enabling them to maintain the highest levels of performance and resilience throughout the trading day. This launch is a significant step forward and Perseus is bringing real innovation to the industry in demonstrating its SLAs in real time, rather than managing via ‘commercial’ SLAs.”

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