ReD integrates WhitePages Pro for fraud protection

Source: ReD

ReD, a leading provider of fraud prevention and payment services, today announced the integration of WhitePages PRO into its ReD Shield fraud prevention solution, enabling merchants to expand their fraud detection and prevention practices with WhitePages data.

Through this partnership, ReD will be able to refer merchants directly from ReD Shield to the WhitePages PRO platform. WhitePages PRO provides merchants with a 360-degree view of their customers, helping businesses easily identify legitimate transactions to speed good orders, while halting fraudulent orders.

"Our mission at ReD is to provide our customers with the most powerful solutions to protect against fraud and more efficiently process payments. WhitePages PRO helps merchants do both," said Jackie Barwell, Head of Products at ReD. "Our partnership with WhitePages PRO enables our merchant customers to approve more transactions with a greater level of confidence."

Introduced to selected customers in late 2012, WhitePages PRO is the business-to-business solution product from WhitePages, the leading provider of contact information for people and businesses in the United States. PRO provides business users with access to the industry's most comprehensive set of consumer contact information to combat fraud, improve customer service and drive lead generation. In addition to matching current name, address, age, and household members to over 300 million phone numbers, WhitePages PRO also includes unique proof points for detecting fraud, such as whether or not an address is vacant, and if the associated phone number is non-fixed VoIP. The integration will enable ReD customers to easily create accounts with WhitePages PRO and access its comprehensive data set directly from the ReD Shield interface.

"ReD is a critical player in the fraud prevention and payments space, bringing merchants the tools necessary to more effectively approve transactions and defend themselves against fraud and chargebacks," said Alex Algard, CEO of WhitePages. "By leveraging WhitePages PRO's intelligence, ReD customers can now speed up processing for good orders, while identifying fraudulent ones to reach revenue goals faster."

ReD Shield is a real-time fraud preevention solution tailored to the requirements of e-commerce merchants and payment service providers (PSPs). ReD Shield minimizes payment fraud while reducing the need for costly manual reviews, providing instant decisioning (accept/challenge/deny) and utilizing multiple advanced technologies to ensure that genuine transactions are processed while fraudulent ones are identified and isolated. WhitePages PRO's comprehensive set of customer data complements ReD's technologies, providing intelligence that helps online merchants detect fraud and validate purchases. 

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