Canada Life secures e-mail with Origo

Source: Canada Life

Canada Life has signed up to use Unipass Securemail, the military strength encrypted email service from Origo, the financial services industry's eCommerce standards and services body.

Unipass Securemail provides advanced email encryption capabilities across the financial services industry, with over 70,000 registered users on the service. The service enables companies to exchange confidential data with their key stakeholders electronically and in an efficient, secure and cost-effective manner.

Origo Managing Director Paul Pettitt said: "There is ever greater emphasis being placed on data protection in today's regulatory environment, with potential for companies to be fined 2% of their global turnover for data protection breaches. To protect against this, companies need an email encryption solution that is scalable, fast to deploy, easy for users of all abilities and most importantly, that provides a high level of security.

"The Identity Based Encryption (IBE) provided by Unipass Securemail, is an easy-to-use, scalable solution meeting the high level of security needed, for example when dealing with client data, by ensuring that the email cannot be read by anyone except the intended recipient."

Origo developed Unipass Securemail with Trend Micro, one of the largest global internet security companies. It is simple and easy to install and can be implemented as a software plug-in to a company's existing email client, via an internet browser (for occasional users) or via a secure email Gateway within an organisation's current email workflow.

Pettitt added: "The more information we send electronically via email the more chance there is that at some point the data will be misdirected, lost or intercepted. Adoption of Unipass Securemail, a tried, tested and trusted service, ensures only those intended to read the email can actually do so, significantly reducing the threat to personal and commercial data and to an organisation's business flow and reputation."

Canada Life E-Business Manager David Greenall said: "Security of personal data is an issue we take very seriously and our adoption of Origo's Unipass Securemail will provide the high level of protection we require when exchanging data electronically via email both with our clients and our partners across the industry." 

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