Orc introduces FIX Access

Source: Orc

Orc, a leading provider of technology and services for the global financial industry, today announced Orc FIX Access, a key addition to its stand-alone market access offering.

Orc FIX Access allows any FIX-enabled trading system to use Orc's native exchange gateways for reaching 150+ global execution venues covering all major asset classes.

Orc FIX Access builds on Orc's 25+ years' of experience working closely with exchanges around the world to build superior market gateways. It provides an ideal solution for firms seeking to either leverage their existing Orc market gateways or extend the trading reach of any FIX-enabled EMS or OMS.

Many trading firms face a problem due to a proliferation of ISV or in-house trading systems, each with their own set of native exchange gateways in addition to a standard FIX adapter for broker access. Users of each specific trading system are limited to trading only those markets which the particular system supports. Orc FIX Access overcomes such constraints by providing all trading systems with access to Orc's native market gateways via FIX, without intermediate components.

"Orc FIX Access is a business facilitator which enables firms to focus on their core trading activities," said Martin Nilsson, Head of Product Management, Orc Group AB. "With this new solution we can offer our customers convenient access to high-quality market gateways with global coverage, allowing them to explore new regions and trading venues with minimal effort."
The first version of Orc FIX Access is now available to customers globally. 

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