Wi-Py enters mobile payments market

Source: Wi-Py

Wi-Py is a new wireless payments application designed for smartphone, tablet and computer use, offering zero-fee transactions to Individuals, and an incredibly low withdrawal fee of 1% (min $5) to Sellers, Merchants and Charities!

Wi-Py business model is based on avoiding costly credit card and inter-bank payments in favour of funding via cash deposit, cheques or Interac E-Mail Transfer directly into the Wi-Py bank account. Since all payments within Wi-Py do not require inter-bank transfers, they cost us nothing and we don't charge fees, and we can afford to offer an extremely low 1% (min $5) withdrawal fee to those who want to take cash out of Wi-Py (mostly Merchants).

Credit Card payments are still accepted from those Individual Users who don't mind paying a low convenience fee of 1% (min $1) but keep in mind that zero-fee payment options are always available.

Wi-Py service can be used to make small payments or donations, split a restaurant bill with co-workers or friends, collect cash for an office pool or social committees, pay for merchandise bought on eBay, Craigslist or Kijiji, pay for a cab fare, coffee, event tickets or anything else. Wi-Py also offers new and innovative services such as Escrow, E-Gift, CyberCash and IOU - see website for details.

Signing up is very simple from an Individual user perspective; only an E-Mail address and a password are required. There's no need to download any App or install software of any kind. Wi-Py can be accessed using a regular browser such as Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and it runs on any operating system, either Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.

Merchants and users who want to withdraw cash or to run balances over $1,000 must 'verify' their account. The verification process may take a few days, as we must authenticate the individuals and companies behind those accounts in accordance with FINTRAC procedures.

Similar to Paypal, Wi-Py offers custom Buttons that can be embedded on 3rd party websites for quick payment processing, and in addition, Wi-Py produces printable QR Codes. 

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