Fundtech partners with Stratus for fault-tolerant payments


Fundtech Ltd. (NASDAQ: FNDT), a leading provider of payments, cash management and settlement software and services, today announced a strategic alliance with Stratus Technologies, Inc., one of the leading providers of continuously available computer server hardware.

By offering Fundtech's PAYplus USA payment system with the Stratus ftServer system, Fundtech clients will benefit from the hardware's field-proven 99.999% uptime reliability.

Since high-value payments processing is a time-critical service banks provide to their corporate customers, continuous availability is a business necessity. Stratus ftServer systems are built with virtually total redundancy. The equivalent of two physical servers operate in precise lock step, functioning as one logical computer in a single enclosure. Should any component fail, including a processor, its mate is already on the job and the application will continue to run completely unaffected; there is no downtime, no data loss and no service degradation. The ftServer system is based on industry standard Intel Xeon processors and supports Microsoft Windows operating systems, which contribute to operational simplicity and low total cost of ownership.

Fundtech and Stratus Technologies have been working together in Europe and have recently signed Banco Popular Espana (BPE), Spain's third largest banking group. BPE will be installing Fundtech's Global PAYplus operating on the Stratus ftServer 6600 system. BPE chose the new payment solution to increase process automation, consolidate several payment systems onto one platform, and ensure the highest levels of service availability, while also enhancing its ability to provide customized services to its corporate clients.

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