Sopra and Gambit form wealth management partnership

Source: Sopra Banking Software

Sopra Banking Software and Gambit Financial Services are pleased to announce a partnership that combines both companies' expertise in the field of wealth management.

Sopra Banking is a global leader in banking software and services, while Gambit is a business expert in investment advisory, portfolio optimization and risk management. Their joint offering will help banks better serve mass affluent and high net-worth individuals.

Wealth management is a diverse field. The traditional private banker serves the high net-worth individual (HNWI) with personalized advice to help them optimize their finances. However, private banks' IT systems, especially in growth regions, are often poorly equipped to get a grip on customer profiling and risk analysis.

A growing segment in between retail customers on one hand and HNWIs on the other hand, is the mass affluent customer, who is often still a client of a regular retail bank. "We realized that retail banks want to offer this type of customer services commensurate to their needs, but lack the infrastructure and tools to do so," says François Moraux, Wealth Management Business Line Manager for Sopra Banking Software.

"This is an issue we know all too well," says Geoffroy de Schrevel, CEO of Gambit Financial Solutions. "We specialize in helping banks advise their HNWI and mass affluent customers in smarter and more differentiated ways. This includes portfolio recommendations, process automation, assessing diverse financial situations, personal objectives and risk preferences. In this way, bankers can learn what type of investment advice a customer needs."

Sopra Banking Software's solutions excel at this type of multi-faceted flexibility. "We provide a high degree of automation to the banking process, meaning that a banker will have more time left to actually engage with the customer," says Mr. Moraux. "Bankers can step into the process manually at any time or set alerts for individual profiles."

The joint offering includes a compact web interface that makes banker and client experiences similar across a variety of channels, in real time. This end-to-end solution ultimately results in a 360° view of the customer, enabling the bank to give better-informed advice to their customers.

"That's what it's all about," concludes Mr. Moraux. "By gaining an edge over competitors who cannot offer these differentiated services to their mass affluent customers, banks will be able to increase customer loyalty. Loyal customers mean stable liquidity, and in today's financial world, this kind of stability is very desirable." 

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