Linedata unveils Ibor platform

Source: Linedata

Linedata (NYSE Euronext: LIN), the global solutions provider dedicated to the investment management and credit industries, today announced a comprehensive Investment Book of Records (IBOR) platform, Linedata I-BOR.

Linedata I-BOR comprises a powerful engine that maintains and presents a complete and accurate start-of-day and intraday view of positions and cash, aggregating multiple data sources across an organisation. It is already operational at several Linedata clients.

Asset managers are increasingly demanding a single, comprehensive, timely and accurate view of the firm's positions to better support investment decisions and trading, risk monitoring, reconciliation and reporting. This cannot be achieved with data from trading systems alone, which typically know only about trading events, or from accounting systems which work to end-of-day accounting timeframes. Where back office functions have been outsourced, there is an even greater impetus to establish an independent book of records in order to reconcile with service providers and establish a comprehensive view of a firm's positions.

Linedata I-BOR is a proven, real-time platform which enables accurate historical and contemporary security position and valuation views to be provided as well as current and projected cash positions, creating a single, comprehensive, timely view. Clients who have been using the system for some time cite the solution's flexibility; ease of data entry and extract; fast implementation; current and re-stated historical valuations and powerful report writing facilities.

Industry drivers towards IBOR include a desire to unite the information of multiple back office systems in large institutions; to merge information from front and back, giving a more complete picture; and to maintain an independent view of positions when back office functions are outsourced.

"It sometimes seems that there are almost as many definitions of IBOR as there are asset managers. These often reflect the various uses of an IBOR but there are common key elements," says Mike de Verteuil, Linedata's International Business Development Manager. "Timely, accurate and comprehensive data is needeed for any IBOR and Linedata I-BOR is able to pull together all the disparate information needed to build that view of a firm's positions. Linedata I-BOR has been successfully used as an investment book of records solution for some time, and we are confident that it can provide any firm with that single, comprehensive, timely view of positions. We have the expertise and proven methodologies to roll this offering out to a wider audience and will be further developing the IBOR platform in the future. Additionally, we offer deployment choices, having made Linedata I-BOR available as an in-house or hosted solution." 

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