NAB unveils P2P payments app

Source: NAB

NAB today unveiled its new peer-to-peer payments app, NAB Flik, making it easier for customers to send and receive money securely using a mobile number, email or facebook.

Customers can simply download the NAB Flik app for iPhone or Android and, once they've gone through a simple set up process, they can start using it to send and receive payments without the need to enter long account numbers.

Among the key features of the app, which has been released following an internal trial of 1000 people, are: QR Code creation and scanning, Near Field Communicaiton (NFC), and handling up to 10 payment requests at a time.

Executive General Manager Digital and Direct Banking, Antony Cahill said the app was another way NAB was making life easier for customers.

"NAB Flik offers customers another way to choose how and when they do their banking and removes the need for any awkward conversations about who owes money," he said.

"Customers will have more options for sending money to their friends because they can use QR Codes, Facebook, email, mobile number, or NFC to send and receive payments."

NAB built the native app earlier this year. It then ran a lengthy internal trial with 1000 participants before it launched NAB Flik to the public.

"We wanted to get the best user experience before we released this app, so we ran a robust internal trial to help guide development before we offered it to our customers," Mr Cahill said.

"We were able to learn a lot from the people who participated in our internal trial and we want to repeat that process with our customers; we welcome feedback on the app and will use it to shape how we update NAB Flik in the future.

"One of the features that we enhanced as part of the internal trial was the ability for customers to send and action payment requests from different people using multiple payment methods. NAB Flik can handle up to 10 of these at one time."

NAB Flik has a daily transaction limit of $1000 and is designed for smaller transactions between friends, such as paying for dinner, coffee, movie tickets or drinks.

Visit for more information. Download NAB Flik from the App Store or Google Play today and avoid the awkward conversations about who owes money to who. 

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