Lakeview launches iQalgo HFT system

Source: Lakeview

Lakeview, a provider of innovative solutions for algorithmic electronic trading announced the launch of the innovative iQalgo system, making indicators and systematic strategies easy.

Lakeview will distribute the new system as well as extend support and sales services in the European, American and Asian markets. In addition, Lakeview will offer client training, customization and application integration services as well as unique quantitative modeling and algorithm development consulting services to customers.

"We are excited to offer and support the iQalgo cutting edge electronic trading solution within the high performance algorithmic trading and analytics space," said Peter van Kleef, Managing Director at Lakeview. "By combining the iQalgo system with our leading consulting services, we can arm clients with the technology and knowledge necessary to successfully create and implement cutting edge automated quantitative trading strategies and indicators at a fraction of the cost previously possible." He pointed out that "the iQalgo solution offers the opportunity for small to medium size firms and even individuals to compete with the market leaders at a price point previously unimaginable." He claimed that "for the first time it becomes realistic and feasible to arm every trader with a competitive and easy to use weapon in the Algo arms race." van Kleef emphasized that "this is especially interesting for arcades and trading infrastructure providers that want to offer affordable yet competitive solutions for their clients". He concluded by noting that "iQalgo supports many standard interfaces and is asset class and product agnostic. It's a product that can be used by anyone on any market". 

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