Dow Jones launches wealth management system


Dow Jones & Company (NYSE: DJ) today announced the launch of Dow Jones Wealth Manager, an innovative solution developed in a strategic alliance with Client Dynamics. In conjunction with the product launch, Dow Jones is releasing a white paper: "Capturing the High-Net-Worth Investor: The Client-Centric Solution for Winning Market Share Today."

Dow Jones Wealth Manager enables financial advisers to build deeper relationships with clients and prospects through meaningful communication, and assists firms in increasing total assets under management. The solution is designed so that advisers use their knowledge of their clients' goals and interests to generate thoughtful reasons for calls and e-mail.

Advisers profile their clients and prospects, and then the browser-based application continuously maps Dow Jones' market-leading news and information - Dow Jones Newswires, The Wall Street Journal, Barron's and SmartMoney - to these personalized profiles. Firms also will be able to integrate their proprietary research into Dow Jones Wealth Manager and link it to key client profiles and holdings. The adviser then makes decisions about how and when to reach out to clients.

"Dow Jones Wealth Manager turns Dow Jones news into a powerful customer relationship tool," said Paul Ingrassia, president, Dow Jones Newswires. "Our solution will help advisers and wealth managers strengthen relationships with their clients by encouraging more relevant client contact - more often."

Dow Jones commissioned "Capturing the High-Net-Worth Investor: The Client-Centric Solution for Winning Market Share Today" from CEG Worldwide, LLC. The white paper shows the following:

The financial institutions that succeed in creating the support systems for today's financial advisers will encounter numerous opportunities to capture profitably additional assets under management, build adviser loyalty and gain new advisers.
Advisers who cultivate relationships garner more referrals and gather 30 times more assets.
Dow Jones Wealth Manager was developed to be an essential part of the support systems for successful, client-centered advisory and wealth-building practices.

"Capturing the High-Net-Worth Investor" also found that to achieve success at the highest level, advisers must be client-centric and enhance their client relationships on a continuing basis. Another key finding: Most advisers think they are client-centric, but only 12.3% actually have what the research defines as a client-centric practice.

Frequent and meaningful communication is an essential part of a client-centric practice. Dow Jones Wealth Manager maps Dow Jones' news and information to specific client and prospect profiles, supplying the adviser with ideas for specialized communication with each profiled client.

"Having spent 12 years with Goldman Sachs, I understand from firsthand experience that Dow Jones Wealth Manager solves one of the most difficult problems sales professionals face today: maintaining effective and frequent client contact," said Scott Lucas, CEO, Client Dynamics. "With minimal input, Dow Jones Wealth Manager creates highly targeted client-contact opportunities each day from client knowledge the financial adviser already possesses."

The new solution offers specialized features for wealth managers, covering topics such as estate planning, taxes and alternative investments. Dow Jones Wealth Manager is easily integrated with leading client relationship management (CRM), contact management and e-mail software. Proprietary client information resides behind the firm's firewall, where it is protected and secure.

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