Backbase builds customer experience portal for commercial banking

Source: Backbase

Today Backbase introduced Backbase Portal: Commercial Banking Edition, a brand new edition of its customer experience portal, optimized for commercial banking and designed to help banks create a superior digital banking experience for their most valued customers: CFO's and their treasury and finance departments.

Corporate banking is one of the most important customer segments for most banks and other financial institutions. However, when it comes to customer experience and engagement banking apps, this segment has been overlooked. They are forced to make do with aging internet systems, outdated graphical interfaces, and other basic tools. Backbase has created a rich, interactive solution that will give banks the technology they need to assist their customers in the complicated challenges posed by forecasting and liquidity management, and make them truly competitive in the Bank 2.0 era.

"Backbase Portal for Commercial Banking offers an out-of-the-box customer experience platform that helps banks launch their new online and mobile banking projects in next to no time," said Jouk Pleiter, Backbase's CEO and Co-Founder. "It includes pre-built widgets for commercial banking that connect to your existing banking applications, enabling you to combine content, data, and functionality from existing banking systems into a new, fresh presentation layer. It also allows you to build and launch rich, engaging web and mobile applications quickly. Our goal is to truly empower the CFO's and large corporate customers that are so valued by banks. We can do this by giving them a personalized and beautifully designed dashboard, with the apps they need most, which works across any device, from smartphones, to tablets and regular computers. It really is a comprehensive customer experience platform, designed specifically for commercial banking, that helps banks to support their customers who require powerful tools and innovative functionality to do their job," he continued.

Backbase combines the latest innovations in customer experience design (UX) with robust enterprise security and application integration technology to help banks get the most out of past IT investments. Backbase for Commercial Banking is a special extension of the acclaimed Backbase Bank 2.0 Portal currently ensuring the se success of many banks in North America, Europe, and Asia in the highly competitive Era of Engagement Banking.

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