Trub and Sequent to provide over-the-air card provisioning to Swisscom NFC mobile devices

Source: Sequent

Sequent Software and Trüb AG (today announced to have entered a technology partnership in which Trüb will use Sequent's mobile payments platform to provide over-the-air provisioning and lifecycle-management services for EMV-compliant bank cards, customer loyalty cards, access cards and transit cards on secure elements used in NFC mobile devices.

For example, using the Trüb SP-TSM service, bank card issuers and other service providers can instantly provision their cards into customers' NFC mobile devices like Samsung Galaxy S4 operating on the Swisscom network.

"Using the Trüb service, Swisscom subscribers will soon be able to download their credit or prepaid cards into their SIM cards and together with NFC smartphones use them to make purchases from NFC-enabled merchants," said Sachin Mittal, Group Product Manager Mobile Payment at Swisscom. "Trüb and Sequent delivered a full set of capabilities while requiring the shortest time to integrate and complete user acceptance testing of their SP-TSM solution with Swisscom's MNO-TSM, part of NFC service platform, making them an easy choice for our future mobile payment programs."

Using Sequent's platform, the Trüb SP-TSM service offers a secure, over-the-air (OTA) channel for a broad set of card issuers to provision and manage the lifecycle of credit, prepaid, loyalty, reward, access, transit and other cards on the secure elements of mobile devices.

"Trüb has chosen the Sequent SP-TSM suite of products over five other technology vendors after a thorough evaluation process," said Fernando Dal Zotto, CEO of Trüb. "We found Sequent's solution to be complete, configurable and expandable, and over the past year we have established strong working relationships with Sequent's technical and management teams."

Trüb's provisioning service enables OTA card management on multiple mobile devices from Swisscom today, and other Mobile Network Operators in future. It works with multiple form factors, including secure element embedded in mobile devices, UICC/USIM-based NFC-enabled devices and microSD-based NFC devices. Trüb's SP-TSM is located in its High Security Area and currently undergoing certification approvals from Visa and MasterCard.

"We are delighted to partner with Trüb to deliver a compelling, capable solution for its client bank card issuers and for Swisscom," said Robb Duffield, CEO of Sequent. "Our partnership demonstrates how existing ecosystem players can easily and securely add powerful mobile channels that generate new, significant revenue streams."

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