RTS upgrades quants trading tool

Source: RTS

RTS Realtime Systems Group (RTS), a leading global trading solutions provider, today announced that the firm has just launched RTD Tango QUANT Version 2.0, enhancing its first product geared toward quantitative traders that was released globally last year.

RTS created RTD Tango QUANT as a comprehensive tool to design, optimize, analyze and execute fully automated trading strategies based on technical analysis.

RTS CEO Steffen Gemuenden said: "With this version of our successful RTD Tango QUANT solution, we've addressed clients' evolving needs and made the offering more closely aligned with their behavior by providing comprehensive portfolio management, better information management, post-trade analysis and more connectivity options. We've had great feedback from clients on how RTD Tango QUANT enables them to manage the entire life cycle of their trading strategies with one platform."

The major new features of Version 2.0 include portfolio analysis, post-trade analysis, integration into the order routing platform of Interactive Brokers and a historical market data repository.

RTD Tango QUANT Version 2.0 has portfolio management facilities that go beyond the original strategy-designing capabilities of the platform. It facilitates the easy creation of trading portfolios across multiple exchanges and asset classes that traders can back-test, analyze and execute in live markets. Traders can track their activities with real-time graphs and reports in the format of their choice.

The new post-trade analytics feature adds an additional dimension to the analysis-performing capabilities, allowing clients to analyze not only trades generated by RTD Tango QUANT but also any historical trade repositories for risks, problem areas and gaps in executions. Users can build and analyze a wide range of hypothetical scenarios.

Version 2.0 also enables clients of Interactive Brokers (IB) - a firm that offers direct market access to stocks, options, futures, foreign exchange, bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and contracts for differences (CFDs) - to access RTD Tango QUANT directly, providing the IB technology for execution along with the RTS functionality.

Organizations interested in maintaining their own history data can use the RTD Market Data Server to build and maintain their own in-house data repository, with easy-to-use interfaces and mapping capabilities.

RTD Tango QUANT was designed for individual and teams of quantitative traders, as well as technical analysts, proprietary trading firms, hedge funds, fund managers, asset managers and commodity trading advisors.

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