Fidano launches Flint+ mobile payments platform

Source: Fidano

Fidano announces the launch of Flint+ Supported by Fidano, a next-generation mobile payments platform for small mobile businesses that operate outside of typical storefronts.

The Flint+ program allows merchant service providers (MSPs), referral sources, credit unions, and community banks to easily offer a leading-edge aggregated mobile payments solution to their merchants and customers through a self-serve customizable channel registration portal. The Flint+ offering is an extension of Flint Mobile's core application, which enables mobile businesses to accept credit cards by scanning the number instead of relying on additional external card reader hardware.

FIDANO's CEO, Thomas Nitopi, described the unique benefits: "There is no external card reader, no waiting for days for a reader to turn up in the mail, no more frustration of swiping a card multiple times before it reads, or having to pay a higher rate because you had to enter the number manually. It's all integrated and completely swipe-free."

Flint+ Features and Benefits

  • Ease of Use: no extra hardware required; simply scan the main card number using your iPhone's camera and enter card verification info; no data or image is saved on the phone.
  • Customer Management: easily filter transaction data by a broad set of parameters, and then download customer email addresses to use for marketing or reporting.
  • Social Marketing: integrated tools that empower and engage customers to easily post reviews and recommendations to popular social media channels such as Facebook; generate more repeat business via customized loyalty offers in every receipt.
  • Low Transaction Fees: 1.95% per transaction for debit cards. 2.95% per transaction for credit cards and key entered cards. Flint is the first in the mobile category to offer lower debit card fees.
  • Frictionless Setup: no merchant account headaches or upfront costs and no waiting to get a card reader.
  • Safety and Security: data is protected according to industry PCI DSS guidelines, and Flint has developed patent-pending methods to protect consumer privacy.

"We are excited to team up with FIDANO in order to enable hundreds of local financial services providers to participate in the trend toward mobile payments," said Greg Goldfarb, co-founder and CEO of Flint Mobile. "These channels have a history of providing trusted services to small businesses nationwide, and we're committed to their success."

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