BullsEye launches Mako Networks PCI DSS-enablement tool

Source: BullsEye

Provider of integrated telecommunications solutions, BullsEye, today launches its new Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)-enablement solution in partnership with Mako Networks, a world leader in PCI DSS compliance and network security management.

Through this partnership BullsEye will continue to offer enhanced network management with the addition of a PCI compliance solution to its base and new customers. BullsEye is pleased to bring our base and new customers the benefits of:

• Peace of mind from enhanced network security and the ability to protect company and customer proprietary information
• PCI enablement through a pre-configured compliance template to payment networks
• Better control through simplified network management
• Increased information and data protection from a cloud-based security model

This partnership with Mako is a natural progression for BullsEye. The company (BullsEye) has been offering simplified network management as part of its current portfolio and this decision to partner with Mako now bolsters its ability to empower its clients to become and remain PCI DSS-compliant.

According to Bill Oberlin, BullsEye Telecom, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), "We chose to partner with Mako because it is an innovator like us. Businesses look to BullsEye to bring them the best and add value to their current telecom and network security environment, and we've done that with Mako's simple, secure cloud managed PCI networks."

"This partnership with the world's first network management company to be PCI DSS-certified shows our level of commitment to bring customers nothing but the best," Oberlin concluded.
Mako's unique security architecture ensures that information is transferred through the cloud from site to site rather than through its own network. In contrast to "network in the middle" solution providers, the Mako System offers better security and higher reliability for IP network connectivity to route payment data.

According to Simon Gamble, Mako Networks, President for North America, "BullsEye is an excellent partner for Mako as we continue to expand in the U.S. Their focus on providing value to their client base and their national footprint aligns well with our business goal of bringing a superior PCI offering to businesses across the country."

"With the inclusion of this PCI-enablement solution, BullsEye has given customers virtually limitless potential get the best possible telecom experience from a single source," said Tim Basa, BullsEye vice president of Sales."BullsEye is not for every business. We focused on providing extreme value to our multi-location customers. Our value goes way beyond analog phone service. Our clients want fully managed, tailored solutions for their businesses from a single accountable partner," concluded Basa.

BullsEye customers and prospects will continue to enjoy the very best in BullsEye's network management capabilities including:

• 3G wireless failover that provides business backup and continuity and allows businesses to process credit cards even if the fixed-line network goes down
• Enhanced security for your remote locations and the ability to create secure links between locations without static IP addresses for greater cost savings
• The ability to keep tabs on the health of your network so it doesn't fail when needed most. Receive proactive real-time alerts of potential network issues, including worm alerts, intrusion detection, and unauthorized devices
• Improved business insight so you can make smart decisions about costs for each network location and set thresholds to help control data costs
• Control "cyberslacking" and prevent employees from Internet abuse at work with content filtering
• Easy VPN management with the ability to create secure links in three easy clicks
• Control your network anytime, anywhere from the web with 100% cloud-based management and a powerful central management system. Best of all, keep your network current and always protected with current software updates that load automatically. 

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