Banco do Brasil signs ATM branding agreement with Welch

Source: Welch ATM

Banco do Brasil Americas and Welch ATM have entered into an agreement that will enable Banco do Brasil Americas to brand 18 cash dispensing Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) in Kmart locations across southeastern and central Florida.

All Banco do Brasil Americas ATMs in Kmart stores are surcharge-free to Banco do Brasil Americas customers, just like Banco do Brasil Americas' on-premise ATMs.

"At Banco do Brasil Americas, our goal is to provide our customers with superb ease and convenience for completing their banking," said Pamela Kohl, executive vice president of Products and Channels. "By teaming with Welch ATM and Kmart, we expand our ATM network while creating greater convenience for our customers. In line with our brand's promise, customers may conduct ATM transactions in Portuguese, Spanish, or English. This embodies our vision of delivering outstanding service to Banco do Brasil Americas customers."

"We are very excited to be providing Banco do Brasil Americas with the opportunity to brand Kmart ATMs in Florida," said Adam Hobelmann, senior vice president of Sales for Welch ATM.

"These ATM locations will provide Banco do Brasil Americas with the ability to increase brand awareness, expand their footprint and improve customer service and convenience. In return, Kmart will receive an increase in foot traffic and customer loyalty.

"For banks like Banco do Brasil Americas, branding an ATM at a merchant location is similar to adding a mini-branch location - without the cost associated with brick-and-mortar branches. For merchants like Kmart, their customers receive secure, quick access to cash. This is definitely a win-win for all parties involved."

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