Striata appoints Princeton eCom preferred payments processor

Source: Princeton eCom

Princeton eCom, the leading single source provider of integrated electronic payment and bill presentment solutions for banks and billers, today announced a strategic alliance with Striata, in which it will be the preferred processor for payments made via the pioneering Striata eBilling Suite that enables bills to be paid directly from a secure email bill.

Through their partnership, Princeton eCom and Striata will expand and enhance payment channel options for clients to offer customers as well as increase the adoption of this new technology through the joint development of additional clients.

"Striata has established itself as a leader of innovation in the electronic billing industry through its original and proven technology that provides the efficiency clients are seeking and the convenience their customers expect," said Garin Toren, COO of Striata. "Princeton eCom's success in developing the most accurate and effective payment processing solution available aligns well with our objectives and will help us make a powerful solution even better."

Traditionally, emails have been used to provide text alerts to customers as well as offer an embedded link that would redirect the recipient to a Website where an online payment could be made. Striata's solution eliminates many steps previously needed to pay a bill online and greatly reduces the time required to complete the transaction by enabling a, "two-click" process for presentment and payment to be made direct from the email bill without the need for the user to register or login at a Website.

Through the use of Princeton eCom's CollectPay Connect, Striata will securely post customers' payment transaction data (credit/debit cards or ACH) to Princeton eCom's encrypted Application Program Interface which will process the payment in real time and deliver a confirmation message. Based on a leading technology, Princeton eCom's solution will ensure faster remittances and less claims for Striata and its customers.

"Princeton eCom is the fastest growing provider of electronic bill presentment and payment solutions because of the accuracy, reliability and effectiveness we deliver," said Ron Averett, president and CEO of Princeton eCom. "The partnership with Striata is a testament to our success and demonstrates the value we can offer for other solutions providers as well."

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