Bank of Ningbo live with NCR multi-vendor ATM software platform

Source: NCR

Bank of Ningbo has successfully gone live with a multi-vendor open ATM software platform from NCR Corporation (NCR).

The bank's fleet of more than 500 ATMs are running on NCR APTRATM Edge, a multi-vendor software application, and the network has been migrated to be compliant with EMV1 (PBOC 2.02) card payment standards.

NCR has installed its Terminal Management Services solution, which provides real-time remote monitoring and recovery ability to ensure the ATM network's availability and visibility. In addition, NCR has upgraded Bank of Ningbo's ATM network with a suite of security solutions, including NCR Remote Key Management solution, Dynamic eLock Management Platform, and SolidCore for APTRA security solution, which will help improve security and ATM uptime.

Rather than reacting to known attacks as they arise, Solidcore for APTRA is the only ATM software that proactively allows only authorised code to run. Specifically, Solidcore for APTRA automatically creates and updates the inventory of good code and limits the runtime environment to the code in that inventory, or whitelist.

Bank of Ningbo turned to NCR for a total ATM management solution in order to transform its self-service banking operation and customer services. NCR immediately kicked off the project through detailed testing and analysis of its multi-vendor ATM environment, and implemented software to be shared among different vendors' ATM terminals. Within 10 months, NCR has successfully centralized and secured its ATM platform, giving it consistent interfaces and improving operational efficiency.

The Remote Key Management solution allows remote download and update of the master key to ensure its security, as well as avoiding manual entry of the master key on every ATM unit, which can save cost. The Dynamic eLock Management restricts the access to ATM safe box by only authorized users with an IC ("integrated chip") smart key and one-time password assigned, which eliminates security risks by unnecessary disseminate of ATM key and password of traditional ATM locks.

"We are proud to transform Bank of Ningbo's ATM network with NCR's total management solution in making their everyday life easier with a truly open platform for new banking services development. We are looking forward to work with Bank of Ningbo again for its next phase development," said Gary Miao, president of Financial Services, NCR Greater China, "While we will continue to extend NCR's global expertise and capabilities in multi-vendor platform implementation to more regional commercial banks." 

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