Kuapay adds Myron Scholes to advisory board

Source: Kuapay

Kuapay, the secure mobile wallet that aims to enhance the transaction experience among consumers, merchants, and banks, announced the addition of the famed financial economist Myron Scholes to its advisory board where he will serve as chairman.

Scholes is a Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, and co-originator of the Black-Scholes options pricing model.

Scholes brings more than 40 years of extensive experience in finance and economics to Kuapay. He has lectured and written extensively on financial intermediation, including the evolution of transacting, and has been involved in developing transacting and accounting businesses.

"Kuapay possesses a unique and attractive combination of international market strategy, innovative security architecture, and a vision as to the future direction of mobile payments using the smart phone, which immediately drew me to the company," said Scholes. "I see massive potential for Kuapay to be a dominant player in the mobile payments market, which is very much still in its infancy. I look forward to continue to advise this company on its journey to success."

"We are extremely honored to have Myron Scholes's wealth of experience across economics, finance and business, along with the benefit of his esteemed status within the international community, lead our advisory board," said Joaquín Ayuso, founder and CEO of Kuapay. "His insights thus far have been invaluable to our global team. We've worked tirelessly on our product, and it's thrilling to see someone of Scholes' stature take notice."

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