Mopay introduces one-click mobile carrier billing for Internet shopping

Source: Mopay

mopay, a global leader in innovative payment solutions for online merchants, announced today a revolutionary breakthrough in user convenience. In cooperation with Telefonica and Vodafone, customers are now able to complete Web-based carrier payments with a single confirmation click.

An enhanced user profile creates the basis of this new anonymous ID technology, which significantly shortens the payment process and boosts conversion to a new industry benchmark level of 93% and more. Less friction means more user convenience and thus more completed transactions.

Up until now, at least three steps were necessary to successfully complete a payment transaction on the Web using carrier billing. After entering his mobile number in a Web-based payment window, the consumer received a PIN via SMS on his mobile phone, which then had to be typed in manually in a subsequent payment window. Although this simple process required no user registration and produced stunning conversion rates, mopay has continuously worked for more than 10 months to improve the user experience even further.

With the new one-click method, a repeat user is identified through sophisticated anonymous ID technology thus skipping the authentication process and going straight to the purchase confirmation screen. The proprietary technology mopay uses securely identifies a repeat user by analyzing anonymous technical details, such as the phone model or mobile browser ID and combines this with merchant data. As no personal data is required, the consumer's real identity is never revealed.

"I am thrilled that we are able to offer our merchants and consumers this incredibly simple payment process," says Ingo Lippert, CEO of mopay. "Telefonica and Vodafone, two of the largest telecommunication providers worldwide, are giving their German customers the opportunity to test this new payment experience through mopay—a tremendous demonstration of trust in our technology and drive to innovate. We now plan to roll out the new technology in as many of our 80 markets as possible."

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