Nyse Technologies to offer Citadel Securities Greysheet OTC Quote feed via SuperFeed

Source: Nyse Technologies

Nyse Technologies, the commercial technology division of Nyse Euronext, today announced that it has reached an agreement with market-maker, Citadel Securities LLC, to offer the Citadel Securities Greysheet OTC Quote feed via SuperFeed.

The Greysheet feed provides actionable real-time quotes for approximately 6,500 international OTC equity securities not found on any exchange but actively traded by investors around the world.

"Through our unique services and market making expertise, Citadel Securities' clients can utilize innovative, centralized solutions that help them reach their investing goals," said Jamil Nazarali, Citadel Securities, Senior Managing Director. "Collaborating with a leader in market data and global infrastructure like NYSE Technologies allows us to dramatically increase the distribution and performance of our Greysheet data feed. By connecting to SuperFeed we can provide a core OTC offering to a much broader segment of investors with speed, reliability and confidence."

Combined with NYSE Technologies reach and scalability, this feed offers an unparalleled solution for efficiently extending OTC data to the global trading community when compared to other alternatives that are particularly limited in data sourcing and high-speed, global distribution capabilities.

"We are pleased to be working closely with a world-class firm and respected market maker like Citadel Securities to offer our community a greater level of access to OTC market data direct from a major industry source," said Tom Watson, Vice President, Global Market Data, NYSE Technologies. "We continue to focus on meeting customer demand for useful products that empower trading strategies and create real opportunity in the marketplace. We are committed to streamlining global access to information and liquidity by connecting customers to key data across asset classes and global markets through one single network connection."

The collaboration offers the broadest possible distribution of OTC market data via NYSE Technologies' global Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure® (SFTI) network, including easy administration, simple on-boarding and high-bandwidth global distribution. ion. Cit. Citadel Securities' high value Greysheet quote feed provides a complete real-time product including the full bid/offer for all OTC equity securities. 

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