Goodsmiths selects PayAnywhere API to power mobile app

Source: PayAnywhere

PayAnywhere, a leader in mobile point of sale solutions, was selected by Goodsmiths, the marketplace for makers, to power mobile payment capabilities for Goodsmiths' popular Swipe mobile app.

The PayAnywhere API offers an easy way for mobile app developers to add mobile payment capabilities to their new or existing mobile apps.

The Goodsmiths Swipe app empowers shop owners to take their online shops to market. Swipe is the only app that syncs shop owners' handmade shops with their mobile device. With Swipe, shop owners can easily track sales and inventory from their Goodsmiths shop at shows and markets, accept mobile credit and debit card payments on the go, enter deal prices and add new items on the fly, and benefit from advanced business intelligence based on detailed, real-time sales reports. Additional Swipe features include secure encrypted transactions, no transaction fees for the first 30 days and a low 2.69% transaction fee after that for all swiped cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express), no Goodsmiths transaction fees, the ability to enter cash purchases, and 24/7 customer support.

"I love how I'm easily able to keep track of my Goodsmiths inventory while taking my store on the road," said Kari Stecher, owner of Sweet William Handmade, a store hosted on Goodsmiths. "Plus, transactions are quick and easy with Swipe; exactly what I need during a busy show!"

"I have a shop at Goodsmiths and also have a booth at the Des Moines Farmers Market and I have been very pleased with the Swipe app as a tool to help run my business," said Lorraine Bailey, owner of Hedgeapple Fiber Studio. "The fact that Swipe adjusts my inventory for me while selling at the farmers market has been a huge help. One less thing I need to worry about."

The PayAnywhere API is available to developers and businesses like Goodsmiths with apps that could benefit from a mobile payment component. With the PayAnywhere API app, developers don't have to build or create a complex mobile payment engine on their own in order to take advantage of the efficiencies of mobile payment processing. Using the API, developers simply integrate the PayAnywhere mobile credit card processing solution into their new or existing app and PayAnywhere handles all the mobile payment transactions, provides customer support to users, and maintains all the relationships with the credit card companies and the banks.

"PayAnywhere is the only mobile payment provider to offer an API for app developers to integrate these kinds of advanced payment features into their own apps, removing all the headache and allowing developers to build the most feature-rich apps possible for their customers," said Gene Schenberg, vice president of sales for PayAnywhere. "That's one reason many enterprises, even those with extensive developer resources, approach PayAnywhere about incorporating our transaction and payments processing solution into their apps."

"Being able to accept payments on the go is a highly sought-after feature within our customer base of shop owners, and being able to process these payments directly from within our Swipe app means all the different pieces are working seamlessly with one another; for instance when a credit or debit card sale is made the app automatically deducts the product from the shop owners' Goodsmiths online store," said James Eliason, CEO and co-founder of Goodsmiths. "The PayAnywhere API gave us a simple way to offer our shop owners a trusted payment engine inside our Swipe app, and the PayAnywhere card reader completes our solution, providing our customers with the most comprehensive set of features to support their business." 

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