License Dashboard upgrades software asset management tool

Source: License Dashboard

License Dashboard, the leading developer of advanced software license management solutions, today announced the launch of License Manager 5.8, the latest version of its flagship software asset management (SAM) tool.

With significant streamlining of the license reconciliation process, License Manager 5.8 automates many traditionally manual tasks around data import, cleansing and license allocation in order to create compliance baselines and Effective Licensing Positions (ELP) quicker than ever before. License Manager 5.8 will be previewed for the first time at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) Houston, July 7-11, 2013 and launched to customers shortly afterwards.

Heavily influenced by feedback from License Dashboard's growing roster of worldwide partners and customers, License Manager 5.8 incorporates the broadest range of requested features to-date, most notably the most-requested feature of all; automation of as much of the license reconciliation process as possible. For software auditors and software asset managers, the launch of License Manager 5.8 means that compliance baselines can now be prepared for a vendor in as little as just five minutes; a far cry from the many weeks and months that is the usual timescale for many organizations. Simply choose to reconcile and the product does all the work of allocating discovered software with entitlements, delivering genuinely intelligent, organisation-wide reconciliation at the click of a button. By significantly reducing the time required to produce the initial baseline, software asset managers can now focus all of their time on what they do best; applying their software license expertise to lower their clients' software costs.

"We believe that License Manager 5.8 is the closest you will ever get to 'one-click reconciliation' between software usage and license entitlement in today's software environment," claims Sean Robinson, Managing Director, License Dashboard. "License Manager has been widely recognised for having the most comprehensive approach to license reconciliation in the market, but with 5.8 we've simplified the workflows around the key license management tasks, enabling new users to perform a reconciliation faster than ever before, but still have access to the advanced license management options as their situation demands."

In addition to the automation of license reconciliation, License Manager 5.8 adds further enhancements to the modelling of virtualization licensing requirements, which were first introduced with License Manager 5.7. License Manager 5.8 features the ability to identify specific applications that are affected by DRA (Dynamic Resource Availability) or DRS type licensing schemes. This further improves the automatic calculation of the impacts on licensing of having DRA technologies enabled on physical hosts. 

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