Olivetree Financial Group selects SunGard Astec Analytics

Source: Olivetree Financial Group

Olivetree Financial Group, a leader in evidence-based finance, has selected SunGard's Astec Analytics to provide the users of its OTAS platform with faster, more comprehensive securities lending data.

This improvement helps align the short interest indicator with other key market metrics that OTAS monitors.

The OTAS platform analyzes multiple data points to provide clients with trading indicators. The timeliness of SunGard's Astec Analytics securities lending data will help to support OTAS users' trade timing decisions, alert them to liquidity risks, and provide cost-of-carry metrics.

"The speed of delivery and the breadth and depth of the data provided by SunGard's Astec Analytics, as well as their understanding of our business, were key decision factors when selecting them as a securities lending data provider. Data from Astec Analytics has allowed us to offer our clients a competitive trading advantage by providing an early, data-driven indication of market sentiment, helping them to make smarter trading decisions." - Olivetree FinancialGroup Managing Director Charlotte Wall

Users of Olivetree's OTAS service will benefit from Astec Analytics' current and historical lending data for more than 33,000 equity and fixed income securities on markets across the world. 

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