PaySmart launches EMV offering in the cloud using Multos

Source: paySmart

paySmart, a leading EMV provider for independent issuers in Latin America and a longtime member of the Multos consortium, has launched the world's first EMV solution in the Cloud using Multos enabling independent issuers the opportunity to migrate from magstripe cards to chip cards in just 30 days.

paySmart's Software as a Service (SaaS) approach to EMV uses cloud computing technology and MULTOS to dramatically reduce the complexity and time required to conduct an EMV migration project, especially for independent EMV issuers.

"Everything is executed under a class 5 datacenter with disaster recovery and redundancy in two separate cities, a mission-critical environment supporting high-volume transactions and the same infrastructure used by major banks, insurance companies and credit cards companies worldwide. With paySmart, an issuer can start issuing chip cards in 30 days, with almost zero investments and paying a flat, monthly fee, only for cards which are actually generating revenues. Depending on the requirements, low cost MULTOS Step/One cards can be issued, which helps to reduce the total cost of ownership of the solution", explains Daniel Nunes de Oliveira, Business Development Director of paySmart.

Oliveira reveals why MULTOS simplifies the issuance model for paySmart: "the beauty of MULTOS for us is that we can perform data preparation in the cloud and send enciphered files directly to the cards, using card personalization bureaus or instant issuance printers. What was once risky, complex and used to take a long time to deploy, has now become low risk, simple and very fast. It is not necessary to invest in infrastructure and in human resources - all software and hardware is already plugged in, ready to use, in a secure, private cloud."

SMARTCON recently introduced the brand, paySmart, to promote the immediate availability of the new solution in the cloud.

Julio Rost, paySmart's Marketing Coordinator says, "The idea of the new brand is to help us to communicate to customers and partners that in addition to the Smartcon products and services that have made us leaders in this industry, we are now providing EMV technology as a service, a complete offer for independent issuers who want to migrate from magstripe to chip, quickly and efficiently". 

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