Precise Biometrics opens London office

Source: Precise Biometrics

Precise Biometrics is expanding and is now opening an office in London. The aim of the new office is to further strengthen Precise Biometrics' position on the biometrics market and to actively increase participation in the coming schemes to introduce national ID cards throughout Europe, starting with the United Kingdom.

The market for security and ID controls continues to develop, and there is huge potential for growth, particularly when it comes to biometrics and smart cards. This is true of both the national markets, as ID cards using biometrics are planned for a number of European countries, and the international market, where the introduction of electronic passports using biometrics is being devised.
The technology used by Precise Biometrics is already well established on the market. The company is working alongside global partners on a number of projects, and the new office will further strengthen the company's position, allowing it to take a more active role in ongoing projects.

"As a means of further strengthening Precise Biometrics' presence in the United Kingdom, we have made good use of the opportunity to develop the potential that exists for biometrics products on the growing British market. Having such a presence ensures that we can cultivate market demand for biometrics in the best way possible," says Christer Bergman, President and CEO of Precise Biometrics.

Precise Biometrics' new office will be located in London and two appointments have already been made during this initial phase to complement personnel in Sweden who have previously canvassed the British market. In future, Precise Biometrics will also be cultivating the market through partners involved in IT security and physical 'access'. Moreover, the company now has the opportunity to more actively influence decision-makers involved in projects concerning biometrics-based ID documents and security solutions.

"Precise Biometrics has an extremely strong position in the biometrics market and I am excited to become one of the team which helps to establish Precise Biometrics in the British market," says Stephen Edwards, who is joining the company with responsibility for EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) and is based at Precise Biometrics' new office in London. "As our strategy is to develop the market in cooperation with our global partners, expansion into the U.K. also extends our ability work with those partners. It will also be easier for us to make the most of opportunities that are available in other European markets," adds Stephen.

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