HedgeMark launches Opera-compliant risk reporting templates

Source: HedgeMark Ruisk Analytics

HedgeMark Risk Analytics, LLC, a division of HedgeMark International, LLC and one of the industry's largest providers of position level hedge fund risk analytics, has introduced a new risk reporting solution for hedge fund managers designed to meet all current industry requirements as defined by Open Protocol Enabling Risk Aggregation standards ("OPERA"), it was announced today.

"We have seen increased demand for our risk reporting services, including interest from hedge fund managers who want to capture monthly risk data as it is presented in 'OPERA'-style reporting," said Kenneth Phillips, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of HedgeMark International LLC. "HedgeMark's OPERA reporting templates are designed to address those requirements."

As an affiliate of BNY Mellon, HedgeMark International and HedgeMark Risk Analytics are well positioned to support the portfolio and enterprise risk monitoring requirements of the largest institutional investors. HedgeMark provides its clients with position-level risk analytics and performance attribution, data management, portfolio construction and compliance monitoring, among other functions, through a risk analytics platform designed to meet the most rigorous fiduciary, legal, and governance requirements.

Phillips noted that while industry standard compliant risk reporting like OPERA can be valuable on a single fund, standalone basis, it does not capture an investor's aggregate risk exposure, as risk statistics are not additive. Understanding the aggregated risk and diversification benefits of multi-manager investment portfolios requires incorporation into a broader platform that can support plan and enterprise risk monitoring, such as that offered by HedgeMark Risk Analytics.

"At HedgeMark, we have been at the forefront of supporting the industry move towards better transparency and risk monitoring," Phillips said. "The introduction of OPERA-compliant reporting is further evidence of our commitment."

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