UBS MTF joins TMX Atrium community

Source: TMX Atrium

TMX Atrium, provider of smarter infrastructure solutions for the financial community, today announced that the UBS MTF dark pool has joined the TMX Atrium community due to increasing demand for off-exchange trading from other community members.

UBS MTF connectivity is provided to the TMX Atrium point of presence (POP) within London 4 (LD4) and is instantly accessible by the entire TMX Atrium community. With 25 POPs across North America, Europe and Russia, clients in the community can access a wide range of multi-region, multi-asset class venues including the recently added UBS MTF.

Designed to complement diverse trading strategies, a simple connection to TMX Atrium allows members to trade multiple venues. In addition to multiple lit venues, the addition of the fast growing UBS MTF enhances the number of dark pools available on TMX Atrium. UBS MTF, established in 2010, is now the largest dark pool.*

Emmanuel Carjat, Managing Director, TMX Atrium said, "We are delighted that a successful dark pool such as UBS MTF has decided to join our community. We have a rich and diverse customer base made up of exchanges, ECNs, MTFs, market data and algo news providers, as well as both buy and sell side participants. It is this rich community, depth of reach and sole focus on the financial services industry that ensures customers continue to choose TMX Atrium."

Richard Semark, Chief Executive Officer, UBS MTF, added, "UBS MTF has a clear objective to provide high quality liquidity to UBS clients and UBS MTF members. Efficient and effective provision of access by TMX Atrium gives firms an easier way to go live and access the liquidity of UBS MTF. We look forward to working with TMX Atrium and the mutual liquidity benefits this arrangement will bring for our members and their community."

*source: Thomson Reuters, Dark Pool & Broker Crossing Activity by Venue Report, March 2013

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