Collis test tool integrated with Visa CCRT toolkit

Source: UL

UL is pleased to announce that the Collis Brand Test Tool, developed by UL's transaction security team, has improved its support for Visa Acquirer Device Validation Toolkit (ADVT) testing.

The Collis BTT is now integrated with the Visa Chip Compliance Reporting Tool (CCRT), meaning that it automates the uploading of the test results to the Visa CCRT and it obtained qualification for motorized readers.

Testers may upload most of their test details to the Visa CCRT using an XML structure. Therefore, the new release of the Collis Brand Test Tool supports the export of an XML file for this purpose. This file can be uploaded in the CCRT, which improves the administrative part of the test process considerably. The solution works for both contact and contactless ADVT testing.

Moreover, as terminals with motorized readers became smarter in detecting possible fraud, it became more and more difficult to let them accept a wired probe during testing. For that reason, the Collis Brand Test Tool was upgraded to work with programmable cards for motorized readers. This solution is now qualified to be used in formal ADVT testing.

"UL continues to develop high quality test tools for the payment market by improving and expanding its Collis Test Tool portfolio. We have integrated our Collis Brand Test Tool into terminal testing processes from all schemes. Now, we made some steps with respect to Visa, and we are happy to offer better integration with their process, and also more convenience in testing any Visa-branded devices, including ATMs," adds Maxim Dyachenko, Service Line Manager Test Tools at UL transaction security.

Collis was recently rebranded to UL and together with RFI Global and Witham Laboratories forms UL transaction security. The Collis test tool portfolio will remain its strong brand and will continue to be further developed and expanded.

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