Signature Card Services partners with Ingenico for US EMV roll out

Source: Signature Card Services

Industry-leading payment processing services provider, Signature Card Services, is offering free EMV-enabled terminals to its merchants in the U.S. to make their transition to the EMV standard as economical and effortless as possible.

The company has chosen Ingenico's EMV terminals to be installed for interested merchants starting June 15, 2013. Ingenico (Euronext: FR0000125346 - ING) is a global leading provider of payment solutions with more than 20 million terminals deployed in 125 countries and deep experience in EMV migration.

EMV, a chip-based payment standard, reduces counterfeit fraud and increases security by providing card authentication protocol. With all major card brands supporting the US migration to EMV, Signature Card Services is preparing its merchants for an easy and affordable transition. In addition to free terminals, they are providing support and education to help merchants embrace the change.

Signature Card Services has chosen Ingenico's Telium2 series payment devices for its EMV terminals. The company partners with Ingenico for its high-quality products and services, as well as the knowledge and expertise that Ingenico brings, having supported EMV transactions in Europe and Canada for over two decades.

Signature Card Services recognizes that the migration to EMV is a significant undertaking. By facilitating early conversion to the EMV system with training and support, the company is committed to making the shift much easier for its merchants.

"Partnering with Ingenico offers tremendous advantages to our merchants," says Anthony Urquidez, VP of Operations for Signature Card Services. "We are committed to helping merchants embrace the change and will continue to spearhead education and support. It is great to have a partner who shares our vision and provides an unparalleled product."

"Weare excited to be collaborating with Signature Card Services to provide EMV-enabled devices for its entire merchant network," says Rhonda Boardman, Vice President for U.S. Acquiring Sales for Ingenico North America. "Through our partnership, we can empower merchants to be EMV ready and we are dedicated to supporting them every step of the way."

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