ConvergEx LiquidPoint boasts new real-time tools

Source: ConvergEx

ConvergEx Group, a leading provider of global brokerage and trading-related services, today announced that LiquidPoint has launched iRBM™ to provide real-time TIMS based portfolio margin estimates and iRBH™ to provide real-time TIMS haircut estimates.

The new tools offer more effective intraday capital management and help customers bolster their ability to meet minute-by-minute capital monitoring requirements.

iRBM and iRBH are powered by LDB and built on top of the low latency LiquidPoint BLAZE .net architecture. They allow customers to calculate intraday margin and haircut estimates based on current prices, intraday positions and real-time volatilities. This application service architecture ensures that existing LDB users have a seamless experience in running intraday valuations.

"Market movements, volatility swings and positions changes can alter risk profiles significantly," said Anthony Saliba, chief executive officer of ConvergEx's LiquidPoint. "By offering intraday calculations, we are empowering risk managers to identify those positions when it matters most - when it happens."

ConvergEx's LiquidPoint offers flexible, customizable and comprehensive solutions, specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of institutional options traders.

LDB develops software that assists financial accounting and regulatory reporting staff within the securities industry to calculate and optimize capital charges, including security haircuts and margins, both portfolio margin and FINRA Rule 4210 option margin requirements.

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