Broadridge takes digital investor communications service Fluent to Canada

Source: Broadridge

Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (BR), the leading provider of investor communications solutions for broker-dealers, banks, mutual funds and corporate issuers globally, today announces the expansion of its capabilities in Canada with the launch of Broadridge FluentSM, a new service that significantly improves communications between Canadian financial firms and their customers.

Broadridge Fluent is a communications exchange that brings companies into the digital age and enhances customer engagement by enabling firms to distribute marketing, transactional and regulatory communications to their customers' preferred delivery channels while providing enriched insight and interactive capabilities.

"Digital channels are changing how investors access and digest content," said Donna Bristow , Vice President, Strategic Product Development and Client Management, Broadridge. "With the advent of new tablet devices, social networking and high-speed connectivity in broadband, our clients are using technology in new ways. Financial services firms have a significant opportunity to embrace these advances, engage their customers using channels of their choosing, and ultimately make financial communications much more efficient and effective."

Broadridge Fluent enables the digital delivery of a full range of communications to Canadian investors including disclosure documents, trade confirmations, statements, proxy materials and tax documents. Additional new channels beyond firm websites and advisor portals, such as emerging digital mail services and social media sites, will be leveraged for investor communication distributions in the future.

The Broadridge solution is delivered as a Platform-As-A-Service (PAAS) to allow for cost reduction while eliminating a lengthy integration process. Key capabilities of the Broadridge Fluent platform include:

Support for Emerging Channels—integrated solution across traditional channels such as print, e-delivery and firm websites, alongside emerging channels such as advisor and client service platforms and digital mail. As new channels continue to emerge, the platform will expand to support each of these channels without requiring additional development or added expense for Broadridge clients.
Preference & Consent Management—a robust preference and consent management capability allowing firms to capture cusapture customer delivery preferences through any channel and utilize those preferences at the account, firm, industry or consumer level.
Identity Management—enables authentication of an identity through a more user-friendly means than a user name and password - helping firms to further increase adoption of e-delivery.
Enhanced Insight—insight with regard to the delivery status and use of communications by clients across all divisions of the firm, including advisors, client services and operations teams.
Interactive Communications—firms can benefit by taking advantage of the interactive nature of new communications channels. This interactivity component enables regulatory and transactional communications to be converted into relationship-enhancing opportunities.

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