Micropross ICTK lab secures EMVCo contactless validation

Source: Micropross

Micropross is proud to announce that ICTK, the leading test laboratory dedicated to the smartcard industry, successfully passed the audit process from EMVCo aiming at enabling them to deliver certification of contactless devices following the EMVCo Level 1 analog specifications.

This huge achievement was made using the Micropross EMVCo validated Level 1 test bench.

Sangseon Park, Director of the Technical Convergence Department said : "We have been working with Micropross test equipment for more than 10 years until now, for other contact and contactless projects. The performance of their tools, as well as their support has always been outstanding. It was therefore natural that we continued the collaboration for our EMVCoL1 contactless analog project, especially given the highly automated nature of their test tool and the possibility to upgrade it easily to support NFC Forum test specification".

Indeed, the Micropross automated EMVCo L1 PICC analog test tool is part of the Contactless Test Station, a revolutionary concept concentrating in one box which contains all elements necessary to perform ISO 10373-6, ISO 10373-7, ICAO, EMVCo, and NFC Forum analog, digital and applicative tests. This unique tool therefore satisfies the customer's needs. Micropross is the only test tool provider on the market with such a wide coverage, so many validated solutions (EMVCo, NFC Forum, ICAO) and with the ability to provide all hardware and software elements from the same source.

Jerome Vanhoucke, Sales Manager of Micropross added : "South Korea has always been a very strong market for Micropross, given its unique concentration on innovative companies, in the fields of smartcard, RFID and NFC. ICTK is one of our historical customers over there, and we are delighted that we have the opportunity to continue supporting them, and thus reinforcing our presence in this country."

ICTK is one of the numerous validation laboratories which chose to work with Micropross test benches to provide service to their customers. Today, the majority of NFC Forum authorized validation laboratories are using Micropross test equipment, and on the banking side, the list of Micropross equipped test laboratories keeps on expanding, all around the world. 

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