Diebold upgrades State Employees' Credit Union ATM fleet

Source: Diebold

Delivering enhanced member experiences, increased efficiencies and improved security, Diebold, Incorporated (DBD) is upgrading one of the largest credit union-operated automated teller machine (ATM) fleets in the United States.

Diebold will update and replace more than 1,100 ATMs for Raleigh, N.C.-based State Employees' Credit Union (SECU). Upon completion of the fleet refresh, SECU's ATMs will all be Diebold Opteva terminals, more than 65 percent of which will feature Diebold's leading deposit automation technology.

The second-largest credit union in the nation, SECU has been providing consumer financial services to North Carolinians for 75 years. SECU serves 1.8 million members via 248 branch offices, 1,120 ATMs, 24/7 call centers, and online and mobile banking platforms.

Branded as "CashPoints," SECU's ATMs span the entire state of North Carolina. Because CashPoints ATMs are free of charge to both members and nonmembers, SECU's ATM channel experiences high traffic and requires daily vendor cash management visits to retrieve envelope deposits for off-site processing. The new deposit automation-enabled Diebold ATMs will minimize those visits, as envelope-free deposits will post automatically to consumers' accounts without additional processing.

"Diebold's deposit automation technology will help to drastically reduce the frequency of our vendor cash management trips," said Leanne Phelps, SECU senior vice president, card services. "This efficiency will result in significant cost and time savings that will help SECU better serve our members, while delivering an improved consumer experience at the ATM."

SECU's new deposit automation-enabled terminals offer enhanced efficiency and convenience for ATM users. The ATMs allow consumers to complete intuitive, teller-like cash and check deposits and receive receipts via email, if desired. Consumers also benefit from the ATMs delivering the industry's fastest transaction time for a typical deposit - up to 30 bank notes and 10 checks in less than 60 seconds.

"Transforming self-service deposits into more interactive experiences delivers higher-quality transactions, as well as faster fund availability, for better user experiences," said Mychal D. Kempt, vice president, North America operations, Diebold. "Offering automated deposits at the ATM will help SECU transition more branch traffic to the self-service channel, giving tellers more time to focus on value-added transactions within the branch."

Addressing security needs, all of SECU's Opteva® ATMs will include Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV) card readers which help to reduce card fraud against counterfeit, lost or stolen cards. As this technology grows in popularity, SECU will be prepared to accept transactions from EMV cardholders without requiring terminal upgrades. EMV card readers are part of Diebold's multi-layered ATM security approach, which includes information security, fraud protection, consumer safety, physical security and security consultancy.

Diebold is also providing first- and second-line maintenance services to maximize uptime for SECU's self-service network. Diebold will provide 24-hour support, monitoring SECU's ATMs for status alerts and error messages and dispatching technicians as needed to service terminals. 

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