Tradition to publish data to eSpeed via Kalahari


Kalahari, a global provider of real-time analytic solutions and strategic consulting services to financial and energy trading institutions in over 15 countries, today announced that Tradition (North America) Inc. (a subsidiary of Compagnie Financière Tradition) will take advantage of the unique features within kACE, branded KACE DataPort, to publish its USDollar Interest Rate Swaps and Spread-over-Treasury data via eSpeed (Cantor Fitzgerald's electronic trading subsidiary).

This additional functionality available within kACE provides Kalahari's customers with an efficient and cost-effective solution to synchronize and publish improved quality real-time data to customers, via numerous platforms, including RMDS and Triarch.

Tradition (North America) Inc., a brokerage service for banks and other institutional clients around the world, will use kACE to help streamline Tradition's initiative to collect and publish its own data commercially for the North American markets. kACE has been used by Tradition's brokers as its primary price discovery and analytics tool for extended pricing and analytics capabilities for more than two years.

Commenting today, John Nocera, Information Technology Manager, Tradition (NA) Inc. said: "For the first time, Tradition's Swaps data will be paired with Cantor's Market Data and eSpeed, providers of the market's leading Benchmark U.S. Treasury pricing, to provide unprecedented insight to any customer trading in these complementary markets. We are delighted that by utilising the additional functionality provided by kACE, we are able to acquire market data from various sources within the company and publish real-time prices to our customers via eSpeed, while keeping our existing processes intact."

"We're pleased that Tradition (NA) has expanded their use of kACE." Said Nigel Weston, Senior Director, Kalahari Americas. "Our kACE DataPort functionality has been well-received by both new and existing customers. It's another example of Kalahari's commitment to deliver cost effective solutions that provide operational efficiency and resilience to our customers. We're happy to provide Tradition with ongoing support and investment for their growing technology needs."

The kACE DataPort functionality offers customers a low impact migration from existing price-only architecture to pricing+ data sales. kACE DataPort is able to acquire real-time market prices from various sources, including spreadsheets and in-house pricing systems, and collate that data within its publishing hub. The hub then synchronizes the data and publishes it to customers via one or more data platforms. As one of kale's many features, DataPort provides an audit facility that can be used to provide a snapshot of any selection of published data, and can be used to maintain historical logs as well as provide an audit of all published data.

kACE is the industry's leading real-time price discovery and analytics solution designed for enterprise-wide use at broking firms, banks and other financial institutions and corporations. kACE has been designed with flexibility in mind, and allows bespoke design for each customer and individual end-user requirements. kACE captures real-time data from a number of diverse sources and massages that data into a common, useable format.

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