Saxo Bank launches Saxo TV

Source: Saxo Bank

Saxo Bank, the multi-asset online trading and investment specialist, has launched Saxo TV, led by the former Bloomberg TV News anchor, Owen Thomas, to provide on-demand business and financial analysis. Saxo TV is integrated with, Saxo Bank's social financial investment community.

Saxo TV is at the forefront of digital content and communication for traders and is dedicated to providing a new kind of television service. Saxo TV will offer unique content and insight into the market, from the market. It will add perspective and analysis to developing business stories to give traders a deeper understanding of just what's going on in global finance.

Throughout his career, Owen Thomas has covered the biggest news and financial stories for the world's leading broadcasters such as CNN, BBC World News and Bloomberg. He will be joined by presenters Lea Jakobiak from Sky News and Sara Walker previously at Bloomberg. There are also three editing cameramen in the team.

Owen Thomas commented:

"Everyone knows the way we watch television and consume information is changing. People increasingly demand a constant stream of content that is relevant to them and that's what we at Saxo Bank are going to deliver. For most organizations, the digital future is on their radar but most are still wondering how it will look. Saxo Bank has taken the initiative and is giving its clients the tools they need to adapt to an ever changing world.

Much of Saxo Bank's development has been driven by the need to differentiate itself as a bank specialising in trading and investments with a clear customer focus. Saxo TV is yet another step in this direction."

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