Oberthur teams with Metaca to deliver smart cards to Canadian banks

Source: Oberthur Card Systems

Oberthur Card Systems, the world's largest provider of MasterCard and Visa cards and the undisputed leader in EMV migration, and Metaca, one of the largest card manufacturers in Canada, have agreed to an exclusive partnership to bring EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) smart card solutions and personalization services to Canadian banks.

"Canadian banks require that all smart cards and personalization data be kept within the Canadian borders. By partnering with Oberthur, a trusted name in banking throughout the world, we are prepared to facilitate our banking industry's migration to smart cards," said Jerry Moodie, President and CEO of Metaca Corporation.

In addition to delivering its personalization systems and software to Metaca, Oberthur will provide its microprocessor chips (in micro module format) for Metaca to embed into plastic cards. Metaca will produce the cards and run the personalization programs for their banking customers using the well-respected and proven Oberthur technology.

"This partnership provides best in class technology with local presence, to support Canadian banks in their migration towards smart cards," said Philippe Tartavull, President and CEO of Oberthur Card Systems' American division.

With a market of approximately 55 million cards, it is anticipated that issuers will start deploying smart cards in 2006 with critical mass expected by 2010, after which the liability in case of fraud will shift from issuers to acquirers. The agreement positions Metaca to be the smart card leader within the Canadian banking industry through its leverage of Oberthur's EMV migration expertise.

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