Anyoption offers Bitcoin options trading

Source: anyoption

High demand for the virtual coin convinced the leading binary options broker anyoption to offer Bitcoin derivative trading.

Bitcoin's volume has increased rapidly since January, reaching $266 high in leading Bitcoin exchange mt.gox in April. High demand of the digital asset led anyoption to venture into Bitcoin derivative trading.

The asset is traded through the company's one-touch instrument, enabling traders to choose whether the Bitcoin exchange rate VS the US Dollar will be above or below certain price at set dates (in biweekly intervals). . Upon option expiry the traders can gain up to 120% profit. Taking into account the simplicity of opening and funding a binary option account, it will definitely attract thousands of traders who struggle to find a way to trade the actual Bitcoins.

This asset joins a portfolio of over 140 assets traded in anyoption's platform daily. "While traditionally we deal with currencies and stocks traded in household markets, we've identified that the public interest in Bitcoin trading has risen and have decided to facilitate it within our state of the art one touch tool", says anyoption's spokesman.. This follows a our strategy to maintain our leadership and to be the first in offering to the general public new assets to trade such as the Bitcoin"
Bitcoin Trading will take place daily and expiry rates will be determined by well-trusted landmark exchange tables.

Bitcoin is a unique currency in the landscape of currency trading. While currencies such as Euro or Dollar are physically issued by governments or central institutions, Bitcoin is an electronic asset that is network-based, transferred by encrypted protocols and created by processing powers. This structure results in a coin that is not dependent on any central authority, thus is very easy to transfer and virtually impossible to track.

All of these unique features lead to great interest, resulting in transactions passing the value of $1 Billion. Now traders from around the world can benefit from currency trends and a very high return on their investments.

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