Agrobank taps Tieto for in-house card issuing and processing

Source: Tieto

Agrobank, one of the largest state banks in Uzbekistan, together with Tieto has implemented a range of Card Suite systems to issue and process Visa International payment cards.

The solution will ensure smooth operations and a wide spectrum of services to be offered to Bank's customers, thereby supporting the development of the bank.

Agrobank is now able to issue different card products - international, domestic, debit and credit with the possibility to apply different credit schemes. The bank can also perform in-house processing with additional measures for safety due to implemented Card Suite Fraud Detection and Dispute Management systems. Tieto's partner in delivering solutions for plastic card personalization was the group of companies Cardhall (Gammacard, Pronit, Tagrus).

During the project, Agrobank was successfully certified with Visa International in order to establish online and offline interactions with the card organization. The bank is also planning to expand its acquiring offering to Card Suite ATM Management and Electronic Bill Presentment and Payments.

"We are delighted to partner with yet another successful financial organization in Uzbekistan. The project has been challenging but rewarding, and we are looking forward to continue the development of Agrobank's payment card business," said Maris Ozolins, Director of Cards, Tieto Financial Services.

"The bank's unit of card personalization is now equipped with a universal embosser from Datacard, reliable HSM from Safenet and multifunctional software package for EMV personalization from Pronit (Cardhall), which will undoubtedly provide an embodiment of the bank's plans for its business development," added Yuri Tovb, CEO Cardhall. 

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