Merchant Warehouse and LevelUp open $1m development fund for developers

Source: Merchant Warehouse

Merchant Warehouse and LevelUp are announcing a $1 million co-sponsored development fund, which will support the creation of custom-branded mobile payment apps running on the LevelUp White-Label platform for merchants around the country.

Qualifying merchants will be able to tap into the fund to sponsor 25 percent of the cost of a custom-developed LevelUp White-Label mobile payment and loyalty app, along with seamless integration with the Merchant Warehouse Genius™ Customer Engagement Platform™.

"More and more merchants are looking for ways to engage their customer base across multiple channels," said Henry Helgeson, CEO of Merchant Warehouse. "Mobile gives merchants a tremendous opportunity to know their customers better than ever before. LevelUp and Merchant Warehouse want to give more merchants the opportunity to extend the reach of their brand and tap into a wealth of customer data to help them grow their businesses."

Merchants interested in participating in the development fund will get financial backing from Merchant Warehouse and LevelUp to cover 25 percent of their development costs for a custom LevelUp White-Label app. This mobile payment app combines the strength of a merchant's brand with LevelUp's sophisticated mobile payment, loyalty and security infrastructure. Merchants will also tap into the Merchant Warehouse Genius platform, which allows them to use the power of the customer data generated through their LevelUp White-Label app to create a powerful long-term customer engagement strategy.

Merchants can use Genius and LevelUp White-Label to gain visibility into customers' spending patterns, set up targeted campaigns and offers, drive new business and retain customers for the long haul. Genius scales with merchants, letting them future-proof their businesses by supporting all types of payment, mobile commerce and loyalty technologies -- from traditional credit cards to EMV to mobile payments including NFC and QR.

"The Merchant Warehouse and LevelUp $1MM development fund is an awesome opportunity for even more merchants to keep building brand loyalty while growing their business," said Chris Mahl, chief revenue and strategy officer at LevelUp. "Merchant Warehouse has been a key partner in distributing the LevelUp platform to small businesses as a part of our strategy to scale nationwide. LevelUp White-Label and the Genius platform are a perfect pairing when it comes to getting a mobile payment platform directly into the hands of the consumer, while giving merchants the platform they need to make the customer experience second-to-none." 

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