FusionExperience unveils sustainable investment research portal

Source: FusionExperience

FusionExperience is today delighted to announce it has developed a Sustainable Investment Research Portal that enables asset managers with sustainable investment mandates to monitor the environmental conduct of companies that clients invest in.

Having access to this new functionality provides investment fund boards and pension trustees with qualitative monitoring of sustainable conduct so that asset managers can lobby for environmental performance improvement and monitor progress - all through an on-line client portal.

'Asset managers with sustainable investment portfolios are demanding, and need to be, absolutely certain that they are only making investments with reputable organisations' said Tim Rudlin, product manager for EVM for Asset Managers. 'Validating classifications against standards for specific business sectors is not sufficient. Sustainable mandate checking requires detailed analysis of investments and personal lobbying of company directors, along with active participation in shareholder voting.'

The Sustainable Investment Research Portal includes functionality designed to easily capture information and report on breaches of the United Nations Global Compact and supporting analytic text. Environmental, social and governance risk scores for individual companies can also be reported on the application interface and displayed as mini-dashboards for enhanced user experience. The information is delivered via the cloud through an online client portal that allows clients real-time access to results.

Steve Edkins, chief executive officer, comments on the launch of the Sustainable Investment Research Portal. 'This new development demonstrates our commitment to going beyond CRM, connecting people across the whole enterprise and into the client base so that clients can effectively monitor investment policies. By reporting on sustainable investment intelligence, we are able to help our clients and add real value to the services they provide.' 

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